Cohort 1

This cohort comprises of a group of seven exciting external start-ups and one internal start-up, that have been selected based on
on the quality of their product ideas and team capabilities. We believe that these ideas have relevant application to use
cases at Maersk and would benefit the transport and logistics sector, in general.


ZASTI is an AI technology platform that helps companies and their clients by predicting risks and improving business efficiency. The technology platform is built using proprietary Deep Learning algorithms to provide predictive and diagnostic solutions.

ZASTI and Maersk will be working together in analysing image data on equipment maintenance and repair to enable efficiency.



DHRUV is the first intrapreneurial venture by a Maersk team who have chosen a track and trace challenge in the container industry as their data problem.

This team of data experts and developers, with the guidance of project leaders, are collaborating to take on the challenge of building an end-to-end container tracking solution that is purely dependent on the abundant data available in various systems, and smart consolidation efforts.


La Vela Pictures

La Vela Pictures is a start-up in the media technology domain. They provide content creation support for organizations and offer technology support solutions to integrate the content to make it unique in its operating space. Their Core Team members have strong domain expertise to support the company in all its ventures.

La Vela Pictures is working on a voice-guided immersive learning experience for the end-user on non-accessible operational areas of the Logistics industry



LinkedDots is an IoT company specializing in the track and trace of Man, Machine and Material. They are also specialists in building platforms that assimilate geospatial data for user-friendly representation.

LinkedDots and Maersk are working on a unique case of capitalizing existing IoT infrastructure to understand intermodal locations on a real-time basis without putting a smart box on every dry container that we have.



iNatrix is a multifaceted solution provider focused on Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. They automate business processes and tasks employing BOTs – systems that can learn and act.

iNatrix will work with Maersk to develop a unique product for invoice assessment, which puts together OCR and Machine Learning. This will help Maersk perform indepth analysis on non-digital invoices.



MintM is a computer vision based data platform, which helps physical businesses with real-time measurement, analysis and automation. Their strength is in assimilating visual data and converting it into insights.

MintM will be working with Maersk to develop a label reading solution to expedite the inventory management process. This solution will also include automated learning across warehouses using AI and Machine Learning.



UnidoLabs is a customer experience management organization for companies of all sizes across multitudes of industry verticals. They help brands listen to their customers on social media channels for marketing, advertising, research, care and commerce.

Capitalizing on their social listening expertise, UnidoLabs will work with Maersk to listen to our customers in multiple communication channels and build insights to act upon.



KrypC aims to accelerate blockchain adoption, and address technology challenges through their research and development center exclusively for blockchain technology. They have a proprietary blockchain solution platform, Krypcore, to build enterprise blockchain solutions.

KrypC, with Maersk, is working on digitizing the Bill of Lading cycle of the shipping industry by generating an encrypted cargo token to replace physical documents.

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