Cohort 2

This year Cohort 2 comprises of a group of five start-ups, that have been selected based on the quality of their product ideas and team capabilities. We believe that these ideas have relevant application to use cases at Maersk and would benefit the transport and logistics sector, in general.


Stratforge is a technology start-up created by established leaders in the services, fintech and digital industries. They offer a niche range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations specializing in key industry verticals.

With Maersk Stratforge is building machine learning algorithms to recognize customer payment patterns to improve collections and customer experience.



TRIPZ is start up offering Platform as a Service solution for the supply chain and logistic industry specially focused on container based movements across the globe. The platform is designed for multi-model transport, including container movements through Vessels, Train and Trucks.

With Maersk TRIPZ is building a solution to optimize truck utilization during intermodal transit.




Shipmnts team is trying to make the shipping economy more transparent through the benefit of a singular platform, enable re-use of data, at the same time making the shipping workflow error-free. They are building an AI driven product that can process all the paperwork involved in export and import processes.

With Maersk Shipmnts is working on building a solution for auditing customer data points from multiple cargo related documents.



LINKSTREET offers learning solution that addresses current challenges in training to make learning effective and engaging – by identifying individual knowledge gaps & fixing them automatically through its adaptive AI model. Their goal is to improve process accuracy and employee productivity.

With Maersk Linkstreet is implementing micro modules that enables a rapid learning approach with an intent to improve employee engagement in the learning process.



Arviem solves the challenges of obtaining visible and intelligent trade by offering real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring services. As a leading full-service provider for real-time cargo monitoring on the market, they provide accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain. They provide global supply chain stakeholders with on-demand access to real-time, transport-related data.

With Maersk Arviem will create predictive models to identify ETA on each container, with an aim to build efficiency and improve turn-around time at our warehouse operations.

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