Cohort 3

Cohort 3 launched with 4 promising start-ups, that have been selected based on the quality of their product ideas and team capabilities. We believe that these ideas have relevant application to use cases at Maersk and would benefit the transport and logistics sector, in general.

Entropik Tech

Entropik Tech is a start-up offering capabilities around multi-modal emotion recognition technologies combined with AI that helps brands measure the cognitive and emotional responses of consumers to their content and product experiences. Turning emotions into actionable insights, they help optimize brand experience journeys and solve real business problems across industries.

With Maersk, Entropik Tech will focus on measuring the cognitive and emotional responses from customers on our e-commerce platforms through multi-modal emotion recognition technologies combined with AI in order to optimize brand experience journeys and solve real business problems.



Soroco’s mission is to help every individual be their best so that they can serve their colleagues and customers better. They do this by taking organizations on a technology-driven self-improvement journey comprised of two integrated parts: comprehensive discovery of improvement potential, and rapid transformation powered by discovery data

With Maersk, Soroco will enable us with an automation discovery platform that provides us with the intelligence required to confidently plan, execute, and measure change programs across all three dimensions of our business: people, process, and technology.


Ocean Frogs

Ocean Frogs is a start-up focussed on data driven analytics to help maximize the value of market intelligence within a business. The solutions they offer focuses on B2B marketing, Marketing data analysis and API enrichment.

With Maersk, Ocean Frogs, with its capability around AI assisted marketing data analysis, will focus on distilling our database and utilise the learning for customer understanding, targeting and communication.



Senseforth is a start-up offering conversational AI solutions that help businesses generate leads, up-sell or cross-sell, based on historic data and predictive models, pertaining your customer browsing and spending patterns.

With Maersk, Senseforth will focus on increasing customer lifetime value by boosting engagement across all touchpoints. Conversational AI helps to predict various steps in a customer’s journey to ensure their satisfaction.

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